Construction Chamber of the Slovak Republic, Строительнaя палата Словацкой Республики, Chambre de construction de la République Slovaque


§ 6th
Start of Membership

  1. Application for full membership pursuant to § 5 ods.3; ods.4. and paragraph 5. It shall be filed only ever writing, stating in its identification data and other supplementary data to form the chamber. Any other information that the applicant considers to be noted is presented in Annex marked „Annex … to the application.“
  2. There is a person who has agreed to membership on the choice and decision of the Presidium, which shall so order. The admission commission chambers accept such a resolution, and writes member to the list.
  3. The authorities of Comoros after discussing the application, a resolution which membership has been approved or not approved and the reasons for which the membership approved.
  4. Application of the applicant authority chambers approve any month of the year except January and December each in the last week when the commission agrees otherwise.
  5. Approve the application within 30 cal. days of its receipt. The applicant’s application to host the Commission assessed within 60 cal. days.
  6. Collective membership of legal entities and extremely membership Presidium approves the proposal of the Director or a member of the Presidium of the majority of valid votes of present members of the Presidium.Honorary membership and membership of a member – correspondents Presidium approves the proposal of the Director or a member of the Presidium of the majority of valid votes of present members of the Presidium.

§ 7th
Termination of membership

Termination of membership and hence, the waiving of rights and obligations against the Chamber excluding financial outstanding debts can arise:

1) resignation from the chamber:

  • voluntary withdrawal from the chamber, the performance is always possible date on which the notice was served on the General Secretariat or the Presidium;
  • exclusion from the chamber once a member convicted of a criminal or economic offense or detrimental to the reputation chamber;
  • death;
  • dissolution of the legal person if the member was,

2) the exclusion of reasons:

  • do not paying Member contributions;
  • repeated violation Association statutes;
  • violation of the moral code of the chamber;
  • repeated poor quality pursued vocational activity within a scope of its competence;
  • withdrawal of certificates on professional qualifications, or other document certifying the acquired skills and qualifications;
  • serious shortcomings in the performance of public functions;
  • violation of laws and the Slovak Republic.

3) on the exclusion decisions Arbitration Committee of the Chamber in all cases under the provisions of § 7) in section, 2. statutes and:

  • in the case of non-payment of membership fees, or repeated breach of statutes Association, it may exclude such member arbitration commission for at least a two-thirds majority of its members. The chairman of the arbitration committee expelled member must notify the exclusion by the end of next month;
  • in the case of serious shortcomings in exercising the functions and in case of violation of laws, decides to expel a member Chamber of Arbitration Committee by a simple majority of members present. The proposal to exclude the Director shall submit to the General Director. The Arbitration Commission shall notify the expelled member of the exclusion by the end of the following month;
  • in case of violation of moral code of the chamber decides on the exclusion of such member arbitration committee an absolute majority of its members present. The proposal for withdrawal by the Director General. The chairman of the arbitration commission shall notify the excluded the exclusion by the end of next month;
  • Honorary member can be excluded and withdraw membership only in the case of defamation, credibility and seriousness of the chamber. The proposal to exclude drawn up on the initiative of the Director General of member chambers. Any such proposal must verify, confirm or refute Department review, internal control, information protection, information systems and assets. The chairman of the arbitration commission shall notify the excluded the exclusion by the end of next month;
  • against the arbitration commission may be expelled member to appeal to the Presidium which decides on the appeal on a specially convened session. The final decision of the president must notify the expelled member by the end of next month;
  • the decision to expel a member of the Presidium of the chamber can not be appealed.
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